At last – an agency whose creative concepts don’t lead to alopecia*

Equally refreshing and recognisable

DM farma Communicatie knows all about communications. We know the do’s en don’ts, the snags and the pitfalls. DM comes up with concepts that reinforce the identity of your brand or product and with communication that is equally refreshing and recognisable.

[*alopecia = hair loss]

…and whose bill doesn’t give you Ventricular Extrasystoles*

Excellent price/quality ratio

DM is a communications agency that is familiar with the pharma and b-to-b-branches. It is also an agency known for its excellent price/quality ratio. Creativity has its price, but DM is an affordable agency that is also honest and open about its quotations.

[*VES = palpitations]

…and that doesn’t give you reflux* when you need something quickly

Decisiveness when it’s needed

DM is a flexible and decisive agency. Though marketing communication may be mainly a question of stamina, it should also be possible to act with speed and alertness. And we have the people and the means to be able to do just that. Strategy. Creativity. And above all decisiveness when it’s needed.

[*reflux = indigestion]

Ideas and actions

Getting ideas from an integrated approach

Communication activities should reinforce one another. DM Farma Communicatie looks for synergy in different messages for different target groups, so that you can make the most of your budget.

… acting on the basis of a brand identity

The trick is not just in thinking up a good idea. It lies in creating something that reinforces the identity of your brand or product. DM creates communication that is equally refreshing and recognisable, and campaigns or publications that belong inherently to your own brand. And they can be given distinctive content time after time. This is how communication works.

That’s DM Farma Communicatie!

DM Farma Communicatie stands for creative and strategic decisiveness. Not as separate disciplines, however, but as an integrated unit of our own specialists. Work that is interesting. Work that is convincing. Work that takes stamina if necessary.

DM spans the whole course of communication and uses the mix of resources most suitable for your goal in each project. It all depends on your objectives, your market situation, your budget and your ambition.

More information? We would like to invite you for a cup of coffee and a no-obligation consult. Call Frans Dielissen on 023 – 532 97 97.



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